Motor Vehicle Safety Tips

1) Each child must be in a car seat sized according to the child’s height and weight.
2) Infants and children 13 years of age and under should travel in the back seat and be appropriately restrained.
3) Infants should ride facing the back of the car until they are at least one year of age and weigh 20 pounds.
4) Children over one year of age and 20 pounds may face forward.
5) Teach your child how to cross the street safely.
6) Cross at the corner unless there is some obstruction that exists.
7) Know what a running car looks like (back up lights, parking lights, turn signals.)
8) Before crossing look left, then right, then left.
9) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - The most up to date information on carseats. Contains information not only on what carseats are available.