Amber Kroeker

Program Coordinator, Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Portland (Randall Children's)

Amber Kroeker is the child injury prevention program coordinator at Randall Children’s Hospital in Portland Oregon. While completing her public health internship in pediatric trauma five years ago, Amber became certified as a CPST. She was 8 months pregnant with her son at the time but still managed to rock a tight installation. Amber fell in love with the public health side of injury prevention and her efforts in evaluation and research focus on the behavioral and public health aspects of injury, in particular the reasons why parents make the choices they do about safety. Amber is trained in Motivational Interviewing and has brought this practice to the field of injury prevention with a goal of empowering caregivers to make safer choices. Amber's other programs include The Period of PURPLE Crying, CLICK for Babies, Infant Safety Class, Nurse Family Partnership home safety kits, Safe Sleep for Babies

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