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Kohl’s Pedal Patrol

Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Rochester

Kohl's Cares has teamed up with the Golisano Children’s Hospital and The Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Rochester to create Kohl’s Pedal Patrol.

This bike safety program educates children and teens on cycling safety. Since its inception, Kohl’s Pedal Patrol has helped to educate thousands of children and teens on bike safety. Here is some of what the program includes:

Education Outreach:

Rochester has a growing population of people that speak a variety of languages. With this in mind, our community created a bike safety pamphlet that was translated into five different languages. Click on each link for a copy of the brochure.

English Bike Safety Pamphlet

Arabic Bike Safety Pamphlet

Burmese Bike Safety Pamphlet

Nepali Bike Safety Pamphlet

Somali Bike Safety Pamphlet

Spanish Bike Safety Pamphlet

Chinese Bike Safety Pamphlet


Billboard designs are created by members of Sulyn Bennett-Hennessey’s high school graphic design class at the Eastern Monroe Career Center. The best work is made into posters and billboards. The billboards appear throughout Monroe County and the posters are distributed to libraries, schools and other community organizations.

Click on the following links to see recent winning billboards.

2013 Billboard 1

2013 Billboard 2

2012 Billboard 1

2012 Billboard 2

Bike Rodeos:

Bike rodeos are held throughout the community to help teach children safety techniques and road rules. Any child attending a rodeo receives a properly fitted bike helmet. There are several venues for the bike rodeos.

Public Market:

Working with the Monroe County Office of Traffic Safety (MCOTS), we provide bike rodeos at Rochester’s Public Market during the summer. Children from city recreation centers participate in these bike rodeos. This program was created by Kohl’s Pedal Patrol and MCOTS several years ago and continues to evolve and improve each year. Kohl’s Pedal Patrol also provides a bike rodeo kit and information on how to run a rodeo for anyone who is interested.

Sights from the Jamboree bike rodeo:

Community Organizations/Events:

Kohl’s Pedal Patrol provides bike rodeos at other events and organizations. Recent events include the Volunteers of America Day Care Program, “Smoke, Flames and Courage”, and the Maplewood Library Rodeo. Partners for these events have included the Rochester Fire Department and Police Department. Many other organizations look to us for help designing their own rodeos including the Pittsford Parks and Recreation, the Penfield YMCA and several Cub Scout troops.

R Community Bikes:

Kohl’s Pedal Patrol works with RCommunity Bikes to distribute helmets and bike safety information in the community. We held a bike drive in December 2011. Kohl’s Pedal Patrol, RCommunity Bikes and the Rochester Cycling Alliance worked together to create a visual pamphlet that has been translated into different languages for the many cultures living in our community. RCommunity Bikes is a grassroots organization that collects and repairs used bicycles for distribution, free of charge, to Rochester's most needy children and adults. Their mission is meeting the basic transportation needs of those in the community who depend on bikes for recreation as well as for transport to work, school, rehabilitation programs, and training sessions. Here is a link to their organization: Kohl’s Pedal Patrol provides the helmets for all bikes distributed in our community through this organization for children

A very cold and wet but successful 2011 bike drive

Health Fairs/Community Outreach:

At least a dozen times per year Kohl’s Pedal Patrol attends health fairs and talks with attendees about bike safety and the importance of knowing the rules of the road and wearing properly fitted helmets. These include larger events like the Camp/Education days at Frontier Field where our local professional baseball team plays and the Fairport Music Festival, as well as smaller events like the VOA Parent Night and the Rochester Fire Department’s open houses. Kohl’s Pedal Patrol also supports new and existing injury prevention programs that enter the schools with educational materials and helmets.

Diner Placemats:

Kohl’s Pedal Patrol has developed a bike safety activity placemat for local diners. It is available year round.

Bike Safety Placemat/Trayliner

Sports Venue:

Our local AAA baseball team plays at Frontier Field. We are promoting our bike safety message through the “fan zone”, which is located just behind the outfield fence. There is a billboard above the fan zone with a bike safety message. In addition we keep outreach materials at the seating area.

Frontier Field Billboard 2013

Frontier Field Billboard 2012

Creating our bike safety video with Spikes and Mitsy

The Kohl’s Cares® hospital partnership program raises funds for children’s health and educational opportunities through the sale of special seasonal gift items located near check-out registers, including CDs, plush animal toys and books. Items cost $5 each and 100 percent of the net profits raised are donated to support children’s initiatives in the market areas served by Kohl’s. The size of the gift varies each year, reflective of how many customers purchased the charity merchandise; Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong/Injury Free Coalition for Kids benefits from the store promotions at Kohl’s stores located in Henrietta, Greece ,Webster, and Victor.