As part of an earlier combined IFCK/KY State Safe Kids fire grant, we worked closely with the Lexington Fire Department to develop a referral process for home fire safety inspections, exit plans and smoke detector installations that would permit referral without fear of identification/reprisal based on either rental status or citizenship. People with financial need who own their homes can be provided with detectors and installation if needed (code requires that landlords provide their own detectors). We continue to meet with agency providers such as Head Start, WIC, elementary schools, community empowerment centers, churches and hospital social workers to educate them on fire safety and how to make referrals to this program for any family that could use the fire safety education and help with design of an exit plan, emphasizing those with mobile homes as a special high risk group. families that this service exists and how to make referrals. One copy of the triplicate referral sheets comes back to us from the Fire Department for our data collection in exchange for more detectors. Although our goal was primarily to serve families with small children, all in need are eligible. Last year an elderly woman credited this program with saving her life when she was warned by her new detector of a kitchen fire while upstairs. A week ago, the Fire Department called us to tell us that an individual (with a physical disability) who was involved in a house fire and escaped unharmed was also a recipient of one of our detectors.