The 4-Safety program is an injury prevention program through Hasbro Children’s Hospital that seeks to control injuries in children and young adults throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. 4-Safety raises awareness and educates families about ways they can reduce their risk of experiencing an injury and live healthier, safer lives.

Injuries are a significant public health concern and are a leading cause of death across all 50 states. Injuries can result in significant pain and disability and often require a vast amount of health care resources to treat. Like other diseases, injuries can be prevented and controlled.

4-Safety hosts events, which focus on a different injury topic each season. Safety topics are chosen based on hospital injury data and community data. Our staff visits each event in the 4-Safety van, which contains a widescreen TV, interactive computer tablets, a sound system, and giveaways.

Contact Information

Andrea Cheli, CPSTI
55 Claverick St 2nd Floor
Providence, RI 02903