JP Riley Park playground: In 2007, working with the Lyell Otis Neighborhood Association and again with Allstate and Rochester Parks and Recreation, IFCKR help to rebuild the JP Riley Park. This run down park needed new playground equipment and a general clean up. With the above mentioned helpers and a group of very dedicated neighborhood children we built a new playground with benches and a whole new basketball court. The family of JP Riley, who was a former neighborhood beat cop, was so impressed they came out to help with the activity.

Maplewood Playground: The community effort and cooperation among the Rochester Parks and Recreation, Allstate, IFCK, and the Maplewood Neighborhood Association, were instrumental in building a new, safe playground in September 2005. Not only did we provide a safe play area, but the project gave the IFCK staff the opportunity to educate people on playground safety codes and the issues of unsafe play areas. This collaborative effort shows how important it is to inform our neighborhoods of potential hazards and empower them with the knowledge to make changes that improve our quality of life.